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Intervention Level 1


Level 1:  Medically accurate and tested curriculums are implemented in the schools, community centers and faith-based organizations.


FLON’s abstinence education curriculum design is a high dosage program implemented over a two-year academic school year period, teaching teens a total of 16 hours.


The enrollment cohorts for middle school are grades 6th through 8th, ages 10-14 and in high school the enrollment cohorts are 9th through 11th grades, ages 15-19.


The chart below outlines the curricula implementation plan for the school, community and faith based organizations.  Students are not taught any curriculum twice. This design has been the most requested implementation plan that organization Directors approve.

















The following are Elements A-H .  All FLON program activities are consistent with these elements.


For purposes of this section, the term “abstinence education” means an educational or motivational program which…



(A)  has as its exclusive purpose, teaching the social,

      psychological, and health gains to be realized by abstaining

      from sexual activity;


(B)  teaches abstinence from sexual activity outside marriage

       as the expected standard for all school age children;


(C)  teaches that abstinence from sexual activity is the only

      certain way to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy, sexually

      transmitted diseases, and other associated health



(D)  teaches that a mutually faithful monogamous relationship

       in context of marriage is the expected standard of human

       sexual activity;


(E)  teaches that sexual activity outside of the context of

      marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and

      physical effects;


(F)  teaches that bearing children out-of-wedlock is likely to have

      harmful consequences for the child, the child’s parents, and



(G)  teaches young people how to reject sexual advances and

      how alcohol and drug use increases vulnerability to sexual

      advances; and


(H) teaches the importance of attaining self-sufficiency before

      engaging in sexual activity.





Intervention Level 2 (Post-Secondary Preparation)


Pursue Your Dreams Club (Element H) - Intervention 2: Includes the abstinence education curriculum plus a career and life goals development program.  This intervention program component is directed at teaching adolescents self-sufficiency skills and the related benefits of abstinence from all risky behaviors.


This component consists of abstinence education curriculum and post-secondary preparation including education planning, career planning, job readiness, leadership development, college preparatory, financial literacy and entrepreneurship principles.


Dr. Clemons, Njeri Shomari, LMSW and LeAnna Benn are the author’s of Pursue Your Dreams – Let Your Journey Begin and Dr. Clemons and Ms. Shomari, MSW are the authors of Pursuing My Dreams – I Can Do It.


To purchase the Pursue Your Dreams Instructors manual, student workbooks, CD and DVD Click here to order on-line


Contact FLON at (817) 678-4690 to discuss training for your organization to replicate the Pursue Your Dreams Club program.


The additional courses taught are Unlocking Your Potential by Edge Learning Institute, New Youth Entrepreneur by Education, Training & Enterprise Center, Inc. and Money Matters by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


To review the post-secondary curriculum of the Purse Your Dream Club program, Click Here


The PYD Club is an after school program that can be implemented in the schools, community and faith based settings for a total of twenty hours, two hours per week for the condensed version. The full version is forty hours.


The PYD Club is an after school program that is implemented in the schools, community and faith based settings. To inquire about training your organizations staff to replicate the Pursue Your Dreams Club Program contact FLON at (817) 678-4690


The PYD Clubs are scheduled Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday according to our collaborative partner’s schedule.


Contact FLON at (817) 678-4690 to inquire about our discount rates for bulk purchases and training to replicate the Pursue your Dreams Club program at your organization.



Project Years
Year 1
Year 2
Cohort CTB Way, Grade 6 CTB Path, Grade 7
Cohort CTB Path, Grade 7 CTB Life, Grade 8
Cohort CTB Life,Grade 8 CTB Journey, Grade 9
Cohort CTB Life, Grade 9 CTB Journey, Grade 10
Cohort CTB Life, Grade 10 CTB Journey, Grade 11
Cohort CTB Journey, Grade 11 CTB Soul,Mate, Grade 12



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