EAGLE Club Network

PYD EAGLE Club is on the radio!

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Show: EAGLE Club Network

When: Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm!

Where: FBRN.us on the GREEN STREAM

Our Fish Bowl Bio:


We are the Future Emerging and Aspiring Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs (EAGLE).
Citizens of Dallas/Ft. Worth TX Metropolitan communities and globally, Don’t Click Off!
Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON), Parents, Caregivers, other Adults and Collaborative Partners present a unique broadcast For Teens and Young Adults hosted by Teens and Young Adults.


The acronym for EAGLE is
Emerging and Aspiring Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs


Our EAGLE Club Network hook is

“We Thought You Oughta Know!


The broadcast format is developed to share motivational, inspirational, and life-changing information that supports our program Pursue Your Dreams EAGLE Club Project that is implemented through the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), funded by the Family Youth Services Bureau (FYSB).


Students from various schools, community and faith-based organizations, and ministries in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who are a part of the Future Leaders Outreach Network PYD EAGLE Club Project will be assisting with hosting the weekly broadcast.


The teens and young adults under the leadership of Dr. Diana E. Clemons (Executive Director), along with FLON Staff, and assistance of parents, caregivers, and collaborative partners will assist the students with various tasks as well will be guests on the broadcast.


The purpose of the EAGLE Club Network is Preparing Teens and Young Adults to Transition from Followers into Leaders who are Agents of Change while simultaneously setting boundaries from all risk behavior ( i.e., Drugs, alcohol, violence, bullying and all pre-mature sexual activity).


The objective of the broadcast is to empower teens and young adults to set boundaries from risk behaviors in order to stay focused on pursuing their dreams.


Slogan: Leaders Are Like Eagles Soaring To Reach the Top of the Summit, the highest point to reach.


To learn more about FLON, become an EAGLE Club Ambassador Member and/or to be a guest on our broadcast, contact Dr. Diana Clemons at (817) 678-4695.


Visit our website www.flon.org or email us info@flon.org