FLON History

The program initially called I CAN W.A.I.T. (Why Abstinence Is my Testimony), now promoted as The Pursuing MY Dreams EAGLE Club Project.

Slogan:  Leaders Are Like Eagles Soaring To Reach The Top.

Philosophy: Is to teach students; the decisions they make today, shall effect and affect their lives in the future and that by protecting themselves today, they are protecting their future, self, health and wealth!

Program Name: Pursue MY Dreams (PMD) EAGLE Club Project!  EAGLE is an acronym for Emerging and Aspiring Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Success of FLON: To date, FLON has served 312,500 middle and high school students, 29,465 parents and caring adults, and 33,135 young adults and other community members, for a total of 375,100 who have participated in various Positive Youth Development program activities.

Of the 312,500 students, grades 5- 12, over 250,000 have successfully completed the Pursuing MY Dreams curricula that was initially designed in 2005 to teach adolescents the importance of attaining self-sufficiency before engaging in sexual activity, a gap that grantees funded initially in 2003 to teach abstinence until marriage curricula.

The success of FLON’s interdisciplinary approach in planning, coordinating and implementing evidence-based programs with adolescents and families is implemented FLON’s unique Pursuing MY Dreams Community Saturation model since 2000.  These five components consisting of the following: 1: Schools, 2: Parents, Caring Adults, 3: Media/Social Marketing 4: Community Based Organizations 5: Faith Based Organizations.

Dr. Clemons and Njeri Shomari, LMSW has developed a reputation for implementing unique and much needed programs that bring about hope and change for individuals that are always executed with humility, passion, enthusiasm and an unwavering standard of excellence.

Ms. Shomari, a business associate for over twenty years has added value to Dr. Clemons to be the leader she is today, has worked with teens and families for over 35 years.

LeAnna Benn, Dr. Clemons mentor, who guided her to develop programs related to abstinence until marriage, now promoted as Sexual Risk Avoidance Education has been teaching teens and young adults since 1981.

Together,their tireless and endless efforts to bring the community together have been successful as a result of family, friends, collaborative partners, C.A.R.E. Willing Workers, who are project volunteers and Community Sponsoring Partners. C.A.R.E. is an acronym for Committed, Accountable, Responsible and Engaged.