Parents and Caring Adults

“Parents: Culture Keepers for Future Leaders. A Rites of Passage Guide for Parents.” By Njeri Shomari HEY PARENTS and CARING ADULTS!: Check out the Parents’ Survival Guide To Online Safety, provided by!

Caring Adults Network (CAN) is the time for F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Fathers all Adults and Mothers Involved in Leading a Youth) to come together in support of what our students are learning in FLON’s programs and strengthen ourselves as advocates for our “Future Leaders.”

Parents and caring adults will share learning about career planning, job readiness, financial literacy, leadership and entrepreneurship development and college and career readiness for their teen.  Additionally, role play activities engage the adults in practicing effective parent-child communication skills and the benefits of positive youth development.

One of the most important functions of a parent or caregiver is being the first educator and the strongest advocate for “Future Leaders.” This important assignment requires the entire village to encircle the adult and the youth. To this end, FLON and all members of the F.A.M.I.L.Y. will have clear expectations for behavior based on community and cultural values.

Everyone does their best to see our youth through a safe passage to young adulthood and welcome them into the community as leaders as we work together to increase opportunities for them while simultaneously decreasing risk factors that present obstacles to their success.

The Caring Adults Network (CAN) is a fantastic opportunity to:

  1. create and maintain supportive relationships with F.A.M.I.L.Y. members
  2. maintain an awareness of and access to the community resources and
  3. support our Future Leaders in achieving their goals and seeing their dreams come true. Mark your calendar for the next PIN!






We recognize and see the principles each year during Kwanzaa. But this is not Kwanzaa, we are moving forward to utilize and put into practice daily these important values as we address ways we want to ensure our children’s health and success.

We believe that Umoja/unity, working together is essential to our children’s success.

We believe that Kujichagulia/self-determination, speaking for ourselves is better than leaving these important conversations to chance.

We believe that Ujima/collective work and responsibility will help us overcome barriers and fears about talking to our children since we are in this together.

We believe that Ujamaa/cooperative economics gives our children more reasons to desire success.

We believe that Nia/purpose makes clear our roles as adults who are leading youth.

We believe that Kuumba/creativity will help us lift our voices when there is an opportunity to speak up.

We believe that Imani/faith sustains our hope that by communicating our values, our children will choose to wait.


Culture Keepers For Future Leaders – A Rites of Passage Guide For Caring Adults

Implemented At Schools, Community and Faith Based Sites


 Parent Education Workshop at the 18th & Vine, Kansas City, MO (2009)                




Njeri Shomari, LMSW