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OUR IMPACT Over 377,000 Young People, Parents and Caring Adults Have Participated in Various Pursuing MY Dreams Programs FLON has for twenty (20) years implemented the Pursuing MY Dreams EAGLE Club Project to young people between the ages of 10 – 22. EAGLE is an acronym for Emerging and Aspiring Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs. The program includes teaching Positive Youth Development (PYD) that includes post-secondary planning education (e.g. career exploration, job readiness, True Colors™, financial literacy, leadership and entrepreneurship development), youth risk behaviors (e.g. drugs, alcohol, violence, bullying and teen pregnancy) prevention, life skills, soft skills, healthy relationships, and other curricula educational materials since 1999. Additionally, FLON provides parent empowerment educational programs for parents and other caring adults, promoted as Caring Adults Network (CAN).

Of the 377,000 people served, the following is the total number of participants that attended and completed various programs and events in thirteen (13) targeted communities of eight (8) states.

Post-Secondary Planning Education and Youth Risk Behavior Prevention Education: 252,660 Parent Education Workshops and Events: 16,300 Pursue Your Dreams JAMZ and Pursue Your Dreams Leadership Rallies & Summit: 108,250


ADDING VALUE TO YOUNG PEOPLE and CARING ADULTS FOR 20 YEARS: FLON has a 20-year history of serving young people, who are at risk of engaging in youth risk behaviors, post-secondary planning education and parent and caring adult education that is developed to add value to one’s life purpose. Trained facilitators and subject matter experts teach age-appropriate evidenced based and supplemental curriculum’s in the school; community and faith-based settings. At the community-based level, young people and adults attend the community rallies and annual Pursuing MY Dreams EAGLE Leadership summit that is promoted as EduTainment (i.e., Educational and Performing Arts). Programs implemented in Dallas Fort Worth Metro-Plex: Tarrant and Dallas County: Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON) was awarded by Family Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) to implement in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, the Competitive Personal Responsibility Education Program (C-PREP). Programs implemented in Kansas City, Kansas: Wyandotte County: Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON) was awarded by Family Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) to implement and targeted middle and high schools and community based organizations, the Competitive Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (C-SRAE) program. Middle and high school students are taught FLON’s My Journey: The Rites of Passage for Responsible Adulthood, Pursuing MY Dreams – Let MY Journey Begin, Pursuing MY Dreams – I CAN Do It, Project A.I.M. (Adult Identity Mentoring), and Choosing The Best. FLON teaches young people to pursue their dreams by setting behavioral boundaries from all youth risk behaviors in order to stay focused on their future dream career. Parent education workshops and other activities are provided for parents, caregivers and other caring adults that adds value to all program participants.

We build the capacity of young people to make healthy decisions, in order to secure their future to be self-sufficient adults.

To address the social and emotional well-being of young people, in our targeted communities, FLON has developed the programs utilizing the framework of the Positive Youth Development 40-developmental assets of Search Institute®.

PROVISIONS FOR FLON: Funded by Local, City, Corporations, Foundations and Federal Government. FLON has been awarded $12,500,000.00 since 1999 to implement the Pursuing MY Dreams EAGLE Club Project and Caring Adult Network (CAN).

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