Our Staff


Jermine Alberty – Chairman of Board/President

Dr. Ron Carroll – 1st Vice Chair/Vice President

Jim Echols – 2nd Vice Chair/Vice President

Treasurer – Eula D. Stanley

Board Members:

Director – Communications and Marketing – Vic Dyson

Accountant – Sericka Robinson

Director – Collaborative Community Outreach – Vacant (New)

Director – Sustainability Project Manager – Vacant (New)

Arlington, TX Regional Office Staff Associates


Kansas City, MO/KS Regional Office Staff Associates


Next Step

Our Vision

UNITY in Our CommUNITY – Together WE will Achieve Optimal Health and Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON), founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1999. Headquarters is located in Kansas City, MO and regional office located in Kansas City, KS. The non-profit organization expanded to Arlington, TX October 5, 2015 is a community and faith-based capacity-building organization.

Get Connected

Parents and caring adults will share in learning about the benefits of positive youth development, participate in prevention and intervention activities related to teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, tobacco use, and violence prevention, effective parent-child communication skills, know how to implement the promising practices for increased involvement in your student’s education and future career preparation.

What To Expect

FLON has for twenty (20) years implemented the Pursuing MY Dreams EAGLE Club Project to young people between the ages of 10 – 22. EAGLE is an acronym for Emerging and Aspiring Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs. The program includes teaching Positive Youth Development (PYD) that includes post-secondary planning education (e.g. career exploration, job readiness, True Colors™, financial literacy, leadership and entrepreneurship development), youth risk behaviors (e.g. drugs, alcohol, violence, bullying and teen pregnancy) prevention, life skills, soft skills, healthy relationships, and other curricula educational materials since 1999. Additionally, FLON provides parent empowerment educational programs for parents and other caring adults, promoted as Caring Adults Network (CAN).